Why hire an apprentice?


Why hire an apprentice?

The question ‘Why hire an apprentice?’ comes up a lot. For any employer – whether a large public sector organisation or a small local business – taking on an apprentice is a commitment that demands careful consideration. The simple truth is that you have an array of options when it comes to recruiting new talent for your team.

But we think the benefits of apprenticeships are undeniable, offering an unmissable investment in your future. Here’s how:

They provide a fresh approach

Adding a young person to your team can shake things up in the best possible way. They’ll bring a different perspective on how you work and what you do, particularly for teams (or even industries) that are set in their ways. An apprentice doesn’t just add to the team, but grows your business in other ways too.

They offer great value

Traditional recruitment methods for experienced staff can cost thousands. With Workology, recruiting an apprentice costs you nothing. Their wages are lower than more experienced employees and the ESFA will cover your training costs – 100% for 16-18 year olds and 90% for 18-24 year olds.

They boost productivity

While an apprentice needs training and supervision, that time will be more than off-set by having another member of the team. In fact, an apprentice in your business will free up time for the rest of your workforce to get on with their specialist tasks.

They bridge the skills gap

Taking a long-term approach means heading off skills shortages well before they happen. By developing an apprentice’s talent and preparing them for a skilled role, you’ll have a well-equipped, well-prepared workforce for the future.

They boost your profile

Apprenticeships offer clear commercial benefits. But they can also reflect your status as a responsible employer ready to invest in the future by giving a young person an opportunity to start in their career. A survey of businesses found that 81% would favour working with a company that takes on apprentices.

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