Why choose this route?


Whether you’ve just left school, or you’re pondering how to get a ahead in the job market, you have plenty of options ahead of you. Here’s why you should choose an apprenticeship:

You don’t pay. You get paid.

According to government figures, the average cost of going to university for three years is around £26k. For a lot of graduates, that means years and years of student loan debt. Instead of starting a career in the red, an apprenticeship means you can get paid while you train.

More than money

As an employee of a company you’re entitled to a minimum wage (£3.40 for apprentices), while some employers also offer benefits like healthcare, pension schemes and company discounts. Apprentices are also entitled to at least 20 days of paid holiday, so while students spend their time off in part-time jobs, you can spend your time off relaxing.

Don’t wait to get started

When you go to college or university, the ultimate aim is about the job you could get in a few years’ time. With an apprenticeship, you don’t need to wait. You’ll still learn new skills. You’ll still finish up with a qualification that employers want. But you can get to work much sooner – giving you a head-start in the experience stakes.

Learn real skills

Many degrees don’t come with real-world skills, so graduates have to start from scratch. We make sure that our apprenticeships get the kind of practical skills and experience that make you stand out for employers – so you’ll be industry-confident, job-competent and ready to go.

Get connected

The saying goes: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. It’s half-right. A network of contacts and colleagues can prove essential in your career, no matter what the sector. Over the course of your apprenticeship, you’ll get to know people in other teams or even other businesses – the kind of people who can offer advice or get help you make a career move in later years.

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