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  • Augar Review Needs to Re-emphasise the Value of Older Workers
    Forgotten Generation: Could Devolution Help The North East’s Over-50s? ALTHOUGH unemployment remains static in the North East with more people in full-time and part-time jobs, one group that’s been overlooked is the over-50s True, most men and women in this age cohort are in paid work, with a significant minority of middle-class public and private […]
  • Santa's workshop hit by the skills shortage
    With the festive season in mind, I recently read that for each of the world’s two billion children to receive one toy at Christmas, Santa’s elves would need to produce four toys per hour, 16 hours a day, 364 days a year and it would require a work force of around 85,851. This is more […]
  • Tom Talks To David Hughes about College Consensus, Effective Lobbying and T Levels for Skills World
    This week for Skills World, Tom Bewick is joined by David Hughes, Chief Executive, Association of Colleges (AoC) to discuss College Consensus, Effective Lobbying and T Levels. As a representative of quite diverse colleges across the country, how difficult do you find it to come to a consensus, a collective view about colleges? Every College […]
  • #Apprenticeships - Ofsted Inspection or OfS and QAA Review?
    We’ve had a lot of discussion recently about Apprenticeship quality assurance gaps, inconsistent approaches and the way forward. I’d like to contrast the Ofsted and Office for Student (OfS) / Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) approaches. RoATP Vs the OfS Register Firstly we have two registers, the ESFA Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP) and the […]
  • Drive Growth and Unlock Value in #Apprenticeships With the Power of Business Intelligence
    I was fortunate to be a guest speaker at a recent networking event arranged by Grant Thornton. These events are hugely informative bringing together CEO’s of many of the leading training providers to discuss and review common challenges and opportunities. It was an enjoyable and insightful evening with a range of important themes surfacing from […]
  • Do we give enough attention in class to HOW our learners think?
    HOW DO YOU THINK? Yes, you read that right: Not ‘what do you think?’, but how? Do we give enough attention in class to how our learners think? Do we give any guidance, so that (stay with me) we help learners to think about their thinking? In my view, most of our interpretive frame is formed […]
  • VAT on fees would be nail in the coffin for small independent schools
    When I read that Millfield School is reducing its fees by 10% and has urged other leading schools to follow suit claiming it’s ‘the right thing to do’, it made me wonder if it’s not the right thing but the only thing to do to survive. Headteacher Gavin Horgan announced, graciously, in The Sunday Times […]
  • Skills Priorities and Challenges in Wales: Tom Talks To Philip Blaker for Skills World
    This week for Skills World, Tom Bewick is joined by Philip Blaker, Chief Executive, Qualifications Wales, to discuss the current skills priorities and challenges in Wales. What are the key priorities for skills and learning in Wales? There are a number of things which are of interest, but probably two things principally. One is the degree […]
  • Management Apprenticeship Funding Cuts Threaten UK Productivity
    Following the Government's announcement yesterday (6 Dec) cuts of up to 20% to the funding for a number of management apprenticeships, including the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA), Rob Wall, Head of Policy, CMI says: There’s a cruel irony announcing these cuts on a day when the Government is championing the anniversary of the Industrial Strategy and […]
  • Science apprenticeships are finally on the rise, just in time for Brexit
    Science apprenticeships are increasing after years of stagnation. It’s good news for young people wanting to enter the profession, but and it could also be just what the nation needs as it approaches Brexit. According to government statistics, from the 2016/17 academic year to July–September 2017/18, apprenticeship starts have increased by 37% and 130% in […]
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