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  • The Digital Future of Further Education #Ed4_0
    FE (further education) has never been more important or more relevant, an intuitive, digital future can help ensure its ongoing success. Most of us will know someone who has been through the FE system. It offers a wide variety of learning opportunities, from traditionally academic to professional and technical subjects. It’s easy to take FE […]
  • The role of the trainer assessor for apprenticeships is changing: Here’s what you need to know, and how to prepare…
    If you currently deliver apprenticeship training as a trainer / assessor, your role is likely to be going through considerable change. In the new world of apprenticeship standards, trainer / assessors need to: Design and conduct the training differently Integrate new assessment methods integrate the concept of grading within the training, and Prepare apprentices to […]
  • The Trouble with Apprenticeships… Stop throwing rocks at the DfE greenhouse!
    So this week sees more negative headlines regarding the apprenticeship reform programme. This time in the form of the announcement by the Public Accounts Commission of this afternoon's inquiry into the apprenticeship programme titled, "The Apprenticeships programme: progress review inquiry". The scope of the inquiry centres largely around the recent National Audit Office (NAO) report which concludes […]
  • How important is health and safety training for small businesses?
    A radical overhaul of the skills system across the UK is needed if businesses are to avoid the negative effects of Brexit. There is little doubt that the skills base in the UK needs strengthening, in key sectors such as construction, the skill gaps. In a bid to mark on closing the skills gap in […]
  • Apprenticeships vital for tackling future workplace challenges #FutureofEmployment
    With Brexit creating uncertainty and bringing skills shortages to the forefront, employers are under quite a bit of pressure. As a result, apprenticeships are being seen as an invaluable investment for a wide range of business sectors. But the perception of what an apprenticeship is remains quite outdated since they are often viewed as an […]
  • 2019: Time for FE and HE to work in harmony?
    As colleges begin to plan for 2019/20 this offers a time of reflection. Both Further Education and Higher Education must have looked back on 2018 as a troubled time, with disruption to funding, changes in policy and public confidence confused with 2019 heralding likely more change through Auger Review and the post-Brexit public finance apocalypse. […]
  • The Shameful Neglect of Adult Learners is Extremely Detrimental to Both Individuals and Society
    Launch of Independent Commission on Lifelong Learning.  When it comes to education, for too long there has been an almost exclusive focus, in terms of political attention and public funding, on the study we do as children and young adults. While this is of critical importance, the knock-on effect has been a shameful neglect of […]
  • Three ways to optimise apprenticeships to help support the needs of the economy
    How can apprenticeships support the economy? The current apprenticeship system is not optimised to meet the needs of employers or the wider economy. Employers have come to view the apprenticeship system as overly complex. The 2018 CBI and Pearson Skills survey found that 59% of respondents experienced difficulty in recruiting apprentices. The recently published report […]
  • Why the Arguments against Management Apprenticeships Don’t Hold Water
    Read many articles in the FE press or talk to FE sector leaders and you will soon get the impression that management apprenticeships are a very bad thing: There’s has been an ‘unstoppable’ growth in their use, They represent a misuse of the apprenticeship levy, A land grab by the middle class ‘haves’, and Every […]
  • Ten year plan for basic and intermediate skills could boost our economy by £20 billion per year and improve social justice
    New research from Learning and Work Institute shows progress improving skills has slowed over the last decade: A renewed focus on basic and intermediate skills could boost our economy and improve social justice. Around ten years ago I was working on the Leitch Review of skills, a government-commissioned independent review of the UKs skills needs and […]
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