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  • Schools Were Open on Easter Monday – It’s Official
    Following on from my recent feature on The Impact of Snow Days on Learning and Financial Viability I note that all schools were open on Easter Monday to make up for the lack of teaching due to the recent snow. Far fetched? No, it’s perfectly true. Schools in North Carolina were running as normal on […]
  • Apprenticeship schemes provide stability in uncertain times
    In a changing and seemingly uncertain world – think Brexit, new technology and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to name a few – it may be understandable that some businesses are cautious about investing in tomorrow’s talent. Certainly, media reports of a significant drop in apprentice starts would seem to be proof of just this […]
  • Why We Need to Promote Learning for Democracy
    ALL SCHOOLs, colleges and apprenticeship agencies are required to teach British Values (shared values), including democracy and ‘’understanding of how citizens can influence decision-making through the democratic process.’’ Yet, turn-out in elections and participation in politics as well surveys show that less than half of our young people believe it. Turn-out among young adults aged […]
  • “Houston, we have a problem”. Lessons from NASA for engaging employers with the apprenticeship agenda.
    “Houston, we have a problem”, those famous words attributed to NASA astronaut John Swigert on the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission back in 1970 could apply equally to the journey of the UK Government's flagship apprenticeship programme since launch. Having visited NASA I know that astronauts are trained to deal with operating under some of the […]
  • The Project - Under the bonnet of end-point assessment
    For many, the concept of end-point assessment is still new. The independent nature of the assessor’s role is new, the concept of grading is new, and the way many of the assessment components are delivered will be new too. Over the last few weeks, we’ve published a series of articles looking at different assessment methods […]
  • Encouraging young people to get involved in games creation develops vital transferable skills and opens up a variety of career opportunities
    Give young people the chance to try out games design When I tell people I work for BAFTA, I typically get two responses: ‘What do you do when the film and TV awards aren’t on?’ and then, when I explain more about our work they say ‘I didn’t realise BAFTA also did games’. Games is […]
  • Employers are feeling confident, permanent placements up 10%
    According to new survey data from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), professional recruitment firms reported that the number of candidates securing permanent roles in January 2018 increased by 10% year-on-year. Helen Wilson, Sales Director at GPRS gives her comments on the APSCo survey results: Of course, this data isn’t industry specific and is […]
  • “Further education saved me” - a personal story from Paul McKean
    Paul McKean, head of FE and skills at Jisc and a former teacher at Bolton College, explains how further education helped him through a very dark time in his life. My 20s are a period in my life that are difficult to recall because of the physical and mental debilitation I suffered. I lost my independence […]
  • Are we nearly there yet? Apprenticeship reforms at the half way stage
    One year since the introduction of the apprenticeship levy and we are roughly half-way through the implementation phase of the current apprenticeship reforms. So how’s it all going? Political impact The political stakes for Apprenticeships have never been higher. Ever since the political ‘spin doctors’ discovered that Apprenticeships come second only to the NHS in […]
  • Could an apprenticeship really be the gateway to a successful career?
    A demanding job in a high-pressure environment, dealing with matters of life and death daily, you might think that I’m the product of a Russell Group university education with a list of Bachelors and Masters degrees to my name. But you’d be wrong. Like most young people at 16, I finished school and was faced […]
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