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  • MANAGING MEMORY: We all learn – and remember – in different ways (2)
    This is part two of the article (part 1 can be found in the 2 October edition of this magazine). 5: Learning by numbers This technique requires you to embed a visual in your memory for the numbers 1 to 10. Each visual should look like the number. These will then stay with you forever. […]
  • Tom talks to Sir Gerry Berragan, and Graham Hasting-Evans, about End-Point Assessment
    Tom talks exclusively to Sir Gerry Berragan, CEO Institute for Apprenticeships, and Graham Hasting-Evans, Group MD, NOCN about End-Point Assessment and why robust independence is key to the success of England’s apprenticeship reforms. Essential listening, especially if you are an end-point assessment organisation.  What is the value of End-Point Assessment, and what are the challenges? Graham Hasting-Evans: […]
  • Qualifications – what qualifications? Deregulation of qualifications in England
    If you are a practitioner in the further education, training and skills’ sector, it can be confusing knowing which qualification you should hold. I say ‘should’ hold, but you might not need one, since the deregulation of qualifications in England in 2013 (there are different requirements for the other nations). It’s now the responsibility of the […]
  • Misuse of Public Funds?
    “Don’t let the training providers steal your lunch” said Nick Boles in 2015. In delivering the bulk of apprenticeships in the UK, training providers have done exactly that – they have eaten the whole college canteen! There is a huge hole in the service provided by colleges that has enabled private business owners and entrepreneurs […]
  • Keeping education connected: It's time for colleges, universities and schools to evolve #FutureofEducation
    Today’s students are tech-savvy and have high expectations when it comes to education, which puts pressure on educational institutes. Teachers, lecturers and academics are all facing new questions about how they can maximise student learning, how to use technological platforms and how they can make most efficient use of their out-of-teaching time to keep students […]
  • Who Runs Our Colleges In The North East And What Can Be Done About It?
    AMONGST several commentators there remains a debate as to where real power lies with unelected public services across the North East of England – known as the quango-state. Based on earlier work by the Teesside author Chris Foote-Wood in 2014, research by academics based at Northumbria and Durham University reveals that the region’s Further Education […]
  • Forget the Apprentice Minimum Wage, it’s an Apprentice Living Wage we need
    The national minimum wage for apprentices will rise again in April, from £3.70 to £3.90 per hour, the chancellor announced in October’s budget statement. The 20p extra is a 5.4% rise and follows last year’s increase from £3.50 – after Philip Hammond accepted recommendations from the independent Low Pay Commission –and the jump is larger by proportion […]
  • A new world of intelligent opportunity: How AI can transform the education sector #FutureofEducation
    As practical applications of artificial intelligence increase, many believe we are sleepwalking into a dystopian future. With concerns ranging from inherent bias to data-leaking robots, there are many who are cautious of AI and its application in the education sector. I believe it has huge potential to transform learning, and the reality is far more […]
  • Co-designing Digital Pedagogy with FE Staff
    I once had the good fortune to work with a visionary academic leader. His name was Professor Tom Ruxton and he was a Dean at Staffordshire University many years ago when applications to his area of Engineering were in steep decline. Professor Ruxton and his team turned the area around from a steep decline and […]
  • We must safeguard End-Point Assessment integrity and independence
    Robust End-Point Assessment is the jewel in the crown of England’s apprenticeship reforms. This November marks the sixth anniversary of the government’s major Richard Review of English apprenticeships. Since 2012, the skills sector has undergone fundamental change. The old frameworks – based on competency-based qualifications – have been steadily replaced by new standards developed by […]
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