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  • The Impact of an Effective Induction
    HOW EFFECTIVE IS YOUR INDUCTION? So, it’s coming up to that time of year again, when most FE Colleges will be offering some form of induction for its new joiners. (I’m talking in this article about student joiners - though the issue of induction for new staff should not be neglected…). So, what’s your plan? […]
  • Do your students want a career in law? Qualifying as a Paralegal may be their best option
    You’ve got to feel sorry for today’s young folk: they missed out on the golden age of TV lawyers. Sure, they’ve got the show with Ygritte from Game of Thrones, and the one with the cast that tipped up at Harry and Meghan’s wedding, but they know nothing of LA Law or The Practice. They […]
  • STEM skills crisis: Female engineers can help close the gap
    According to the A Level Results announced yesterday (16 Aug), the proportion of women entering STEM subjects has only increased slightly over the past 5 years, from 42.0% in 2013 to 43.4% in 2018. In this article, Victoria Shepherd, Service Excellence Manager at Arqiva, discusses how to reduce the skills gap in engineering, and increase diversity: The […]
  • Why we should rethink our ideas of educational success #Resultsday2018
    On A Level Results Day, Lisa O’Loughlin, Principal of The Manchester College, discusses why we should rethink our ideas of educational success: Results day is a celebration of all learning – and it’s about time the nation’s outlook on educational success reflected that. Year after year we see A* students jumping for joy after securing […]
  • Farewell Citizenship - A Level results out today
    STATUTORY CITIZENSHIP AND A TRAINED TEACHER SHOULD BE IN EVERY SCHOOL AND COLLEGE. Today (16 Aug), 1,000 students received their A-level Citizenship results for the last time. The Government has scrapped the subject despite over 2,000 exam entries in 2016. 300 odd students sat the subject at Darlington’s QE Sixth Form College alone. Sadly, citizenship […]
  • All SET for teaching success: Why I swapped engineering for the FE classroom
    Ellie Bennett has just completed a PGCE with the support of the Education and Training Foundation’s SET for Teaching Success programme, which is helping to boost the delivery of Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) in the FE Sector. Ellie was an architectural designer before making the transition into teaching in FE, and is now a […]
  • Creating choices, developing skills and helping communities
    The choice of subjects available within education and training for young people today have never been greater, with so many options seemingly on offer. However, for some young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and circumstances, or for those facing additional personal and social barriers, their choices can become quite limited. A history of long-term family unemployment, […]
  • #EdTech Continues to Enhance Learning and Education
    Last week (7 Aug) the Education Secretary asked the technology sector to demonstrate how new technology could spearhead a classroom revolution, how to roll this out more widely across the country, and to back this up by evidence of the impact they are having on schools, colleges and universities.  Jane Ross, Head of Public Sector UK and Ireland, Zoom explains how […]
  • Developing ‘demand driven’ international programmes
    There is a growing global acknowledgement that employer driven Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is a vital ingredient for global economic and social development. It is also widely accepted that skills have a key role in helping all parts of our communities to meet the global challenges presented by urbanisation, globalisation, digitisation and environmental […]
  • The bell has rung on the traditional classroom, we need an education revolution
    In the week that Education Secretary Damian Hinds has challenged the tech industry to launch an education revolution for schools, colleges and universities, Pete Hannah, Head of Channel, UK&I, Zyxel looks at why we need new technology to spearhead classroom revolution:  The age of schools and colleges acting as solely places of teaching and learning has passed. Nowadays, […]
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