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  • Signposting the roads less travelled
    Maybe it’s because it’s New Year and the traditional time for existential angst. Maybe it’s because education and skills policy are arguably in a greater state of flux than at any time since the earlier 1990’s. Or maybe it’s because of the ever increasing costs associated with tertiary education coupled with diminishing certainty of its […]
  • How to scale wellbeing support
    The Universities UK lead on Wellbeing, Professor Steve West, has suggested that students should declare mental health problems on their application.  Not all students have a mental health problem of course. There are some students who really struggle with mental health issues and they do need hands-on support. There are other students who are very […]
  • Why 2018 should be the year of inclusivity for further education
    Marina Gaze (ex Ofsted deputy director for FE and skills) explains which areas of the Common Inspection Framework to focus on to achieve better Ofsted results, in her latest article for FE News. As we head into 2018 with the best of intentions and whole-hearted resolutions to continue to improve the provision of learning in further […]
    THAT’S WHY THE NORTH EAST OF ENGLAND REGION NEEDS A  NORTH OF THE TYNE LEARNING CHALLENGE TO HELP RAISE ALL KID’S LIFE-CHANCES.  IT’S becoming blatantly clear that social class or socio-economic status and not gender or race determine how well a child does at school. The more affluent the family, measured by wealth or job, […]
  • End point assessment: Why the IfA needs to get a grip
    What do providers really want from an end point assessment organisation?  Recently AELP surveyed a significant number of training providers with regard to what were they looking for in an end point assessment organisation (EPAO) and we were somewhat surprised to see that price didn’t feature as their number one priority.  In fact it didn’t […]
  • Is 2018 the Year of Education Blockchains, BitDegrees & MicroDegrees?
    FE providers are constantly deluged with change. If you’ve been in the sector for long, you’ll have seen the 1980s style YTS morph into a Levy based scheme; HMIs vanish, and Ofsted emerge plus the advent of Academies, UCTs & now the Baker Clause. In fact, change has become the new certainty. So much so […]
  • End-Point Assessment or End-Point Achievement?
    Like any other industry, the education sector is guilty of creating and throwing around its own abbreviations and acronyms. Love them or loathe them, they’re here to stay. Their widespread usage creates a sense of shared endeavour. And once they are widely used, they begin to take on additional associations and baggage. For instance, DCS […]
  • How to hire the Right People in 2018
    Within the work based learning and training sector, companies are monopolising on business opportunities and have growth plans in place which usually goes hand in hand with the need to hire additional staff to help the company realise its goals.  However, with the UK’s unemployment is the lowest since the 1970’s, skill shortages and the […]
  • QTLS helping more practitioners get the recognition they deserve
    Professionalism is central to the mission of the Society for Education and Training (SET). Our goal is to help teachers and trainers develop and improve their skills to enhance their own professional standing, and with it the wider quality and recognition of the education and training system. At the core of professionalism is demonstrating a […]
  • Project-based learning and employer involvement creates well-rounded, work-ready students with better technical skills
    Response to the NFER evaluation of university technical colleges - Year 1 The first evaluation of University Technical College (UTC)’s approaches to curriculum design and employer engagement has found that project-based learning and employer involvement has helped to create more well-rounded, work-ready students with better technical skills. The interim report found that students at UTCs […]
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