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  • Coming to America – 5 million apprenticeships by 2020?
    The USA is famously referred to as ‘the land of opportunity’, but is that true for UK providers? Earlier this month a trade mission of 15 delegates visited Washington DC, a trip organised by Frankin Apprenticeships and made up mainly of AELP members. At AELP we have seen a growing interest in our International Special […]
  • Sector response to the Chancellor’s Autumn Budget 2017
    Today (22nd November) the Chancellor Philip Hammond announced the budget. Further Education and Skills were key to this budget, against a backdrop of reduced economic growth and Brexit. The Chancellor explained that 'Backing Skills is key to unlocking growth'. Three Million Apprenticeship starts were still mentioned for 2020, the Chancellor also mentioned he will review […]
  • What is Effective CPD?
    Research on CPD demonstrates that many teachers and trainers do not participate in professional development activities and the most common reasons given are conflicts in work schedules and an absence of incentives for participation. Add to this a marked decline in investment by schools supported by figures compiled by the Teacher Development Trust earlier this […]
  • The rise of entrance exams... and the knock on impact for A-levels
    Gaining entry to a top university is the benchmark for ambitious, high-performing students and the standard route into higher education has always been the A-level. Yet with more universities introducing their own entrance exam from which to select students Stephen Spriggs of William Clarence Education believes we could be coming closer to the death of the […]
  • Apprenticeships need equal billing with university study
    If I were to give you two options – take up an electrical apprenticeship in which over four years you would earn over £60,000, or go to university, at the end of which you would be saddled with debts of around £44,000 – which would you choose? There are £100,000 reasons and more why the […]
  • Two ways of thinking about staff training
    It is a truth universally acknowledged, at least in Further Education, that the high road to outstanding quality lies in the ‘sharing of good practice’. The idea is so emotionally appealing we don’t stop to interrogate it much. ‘Sharing’ sounds so warm and reciprocal and ‘good practice’ feels so optimistic and full of professional esteem. […]
  • 5 common signs of workplace bullying
    It’s prominent in most workplaces, it’s one of the most talked about aspects of working life, yet, it is still on the rise and evidently, we aren’t doing enough to prevent it. Workplace bullying. Maybe we don’t raise the awareness of workplace bullying and harassment enough, maybe we just don’t know what to look for […]
  • Podcast with Alastair Campbell on improving the PR and reputation in FE
    We chat with Alastair Campbell (aka the Sultan of Spin) and ask for his advice on how to improve the reputation and PR in FE, to the nation, to employers, learners and their families. Alastair is truly one of the World's experts in PR and Communications. We grabbed the opportunity to chat with him and ask […]
    LAST AUTUMN the Government launched its industrial strategy, with new look apprenticeships, at Gateshead College in the north of England. The then skills minster, Robert Halfon, announced an extra £170m funding for Institutes of Technology, which could involve an upgrading of further education colleges in the North. Both Gateshead College and nearby Bishop Auckland, both […]
  • Jeremy Corbyn interview. Jeremy chats about FE post-Brexit, the Levy and blending employability & skills
    We chat with Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party about his plans for Further Education, Skills and Employability. We ask Jeremy about his plans for Further Education and Skills in a post Brexit Britain. When then ask his views on blending employability and skills, his views on the Apprenticeship Levy and his plans for […]

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