About Workology

About Workology
About Workology
About Workology
About Workology

Matching individuals to opportunities. That’s our Workology.

About Workology

Workology is a recruitment channel for young people allowing them access to apprenticeship opportunities with aspirational, local employers.

We match candidates with forward-thinking businesses, supporting them in their first step towards a successful & rewarding career. We look far deeper than skills and school grades, helping unearth the hidden talents and personal qualities that make employee and employer a perfect fit for a long-lasting relationship.

For our candidates an apprenticeship is just the start; our programmes provide a clear path toward a career they’ll love. By building transferrable skills that can be used across sectors, they gain a recognised qualification, which they can build and grow from. For employers, it’s a well-supported route to an enthusiastic and eager workforce made up of tomorrow’s industry leaders.

With a mix of real-world experience, tailor-made training and expert mentors a Workology apprenticeship is perfect for today’s world of work.

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